Important Privacy & Liability Information



The short version:

You should probably hire us to handle this for you. 🥊

The longer version:

Liability 🛡️

Takedown notices carry legal weight, including the risk of perjury if misused. ⚖️ Unless you're confident that you know what you're doing, it's safer to hire us to handle it.

Privacy 🔍

Sending your own takedown notices may expose your personal information to pirates and the general public. 😬 You can avoid that risk by hiring us to handle your takedowns.

When someone receives a takedown notice, they are permitted to publish it in its entirety—including whatever personal information you provided, such as your legal name and contact information—or forward it to the very scoundrel who uploaded your pirated content in the first place. Not cool. 👎

They may also require you to prove ownership, which can get tedious very quickly.

The solution 🤔

That's where we come in. You can hire us to reduce your risk of personal data exposure and legal liability—and save you some time—by sending takedown notifications signed with our own details instead of yours.

Once we're steering the ship, you can chillax and keep doing what you do best: making content that's so good, people want to steal it. 😎